Pay Per Click Services in San Diego

Sometimes organic SEO simply isn’t enough to meet your sales target each month. When you need a more robust online marketing plan, Storm Brain has the experience and know-how to get you on the front and center of Google, Yahoo, and other top search engines in no time. This can be accomplished, in part, with pay-per-click advertising.

What Is Pay Per Click?

In a nutshell, pay per click or PPC is a method of online advertising that has been proven to increase business’ sales leads. This is because it’s targeted to online users’ locations and search inquiries. For example, if a web browser wants to find a “dentist in San Diego” and types in this search term in Google’s search engine, at the upper tier of the results page, you will find PPC ads.

Think of this as the online equivalent to radio of cable marketing. Only, it’s more directed to individual users vs. an entire city.

Other Benefits of PPC

PPC offers numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes and across all verticals, including:

  • Targeted Leads – This form of advertising gives you the chance to reach potential buyers who are searching for the products or services being offered.
  • Big Data – One of the secondary benefits of pay per click is the ability to review analytical data. This basically means that each time someone views or clicks the ad, it’s recorded in the backend of the platform (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). Views are known as “impressions” and clicks are labeled as-is. This data gives you the opportunity to quickly adjust headlines, descriptions, and landing pages in order to appeal to leads that convert to sales.

How It Works

The mechanisms of PPC entail placing a bid on a keyword or keyphrase of choice. The pricing fluctuates based on demand (i.e. how many users search for a term per hour, day, week, etc.) and supply (how many firms are competing for the business). Many platforms offer automated features such as setting spending limits or what hours of the day you want to advertise.

DIY or Pro PPC Campaign Management?

While the benefits of PPC are undeniable, it can become a tedious process for business owners who are already wearing many hats.  Successful Pay Per Click advertisers most often have to commit a great deal of time to watching the numbers.

That’s where our PPC agency comes in.

Storm Brain, a trusted PPC company in San Diego, understands the ins and outs of Pay Per Click advertising as well as loopholes for spending less and earning more. PPC management doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. We have competitive packages in place to save you time, energy, and money – when you want to get more business online.

Get Affordable Pay Per Management in San Diego

Storm Brain knows what it takes to make customers see and click online. Whether you have a small or large marketing budget, we work with all business types, including boutique-style agencies and mega corporations.

Our results-driven pay per click management services in San Diego focus on optimizing ads for all stages of the sales funnel. From selecting the right keywords and landing pages, headlines and descriptions, or geo-targets and times-of-day, we handle it all – so you don’t have to. Speak with one of our knowledgeable PPC campaign management consultants today.

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